Introducing! Venuepedia, by BookLive.

We’re fired up to unveil the newest feature of the BookLive platform! We’re confident this will be a real gamechanger, and the best part is you get to participate in its creation.

So, What Is It?

Venuepedia is pretty much just what it sounds like: a database of searchable profiles for venues. That means is you can find information about any venue before ever actually setting foot there.

Venuepedia Features:

  • User editable profiles – (like Wikipedia)

  • Photo galleries

  • Information about parking and other logistics

  • Backline gear lists

  • Comment boards

  • More!

Check out Venuepedia here

Venuepedia Screenshot

Check out the Black Swan Riverwalk’s page in Venuepedia

Cut Down The Clutter

One of our goals with BookLive has been to minimize the endless email threads that often accumulate throughout the planning stages of a gig. With Venuepedia, you can easily access important information about a venue, without the excessive back and forth between you and your point of contact.

Dig The Scene, In Advance

Venuepedia ultimately allows you to check out a new venue beforehand. If you’ve played even a handful of new spaces, you understand what a great help this will be. No more scrambling to find parking, or hounding the venue about backline gear, just a streamlined process, and a better gig.

All The More Reason To Join

BookLive recommends specific groups on each venue page on Venuepedia, and we’re offering those spots exclusively to BookLive Pro groups. If you’re not ready to join BookLive, that’s cool, you’re still free to use the service. But only BookLive Pro groups will get the recommendations on the pages of our beautiful Frankenstein’s Monster.

Seem fair? We think so.

At BookLive, we’re dedicated to helping performers get better gigs, and to streamlining every step of those shows once you’ve been hired. From taking payment, to communicating with your band, to checking out the venue ahead of time, we’re here to help.

Sign up here.

May all your performances be spectacular.