adult-apple-device-business-340152In this day and age, one can easily invest thousands into building the perfect website.

For most, however, that’s not financially plausible, nor is it necessary. As a performing musician, you want your website to carry out a few streamlined functions.

Ideally your website should be:

  • A portfolio of your work.
  • A database of your music.
  • A place to sell products.
  • A means to contact you.
  • An accurate representation of your personality.

In short, a website is a good way to consolidate the many functions of various other platforms into one convenient location.

You can display audio and video of your performances, releases, and give potential venues and booking agents a great sense of who you are as a band or artist.

Previously I mentioned the cost of building a website, but thankfully there are many affordable platforms that simplify the process of creating your website. A few popular options are:

You don’t need to be an experienced coder or a high roller to put together something aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

In fact, many applications and services have tailored their products to easily interface with do-it-yourself web platforms. In some cases, these third-party applications may take some tinkering, but most complications you encounter will be solvable.

Printful, for example, allows you to sell merch in a print on demand capacity, so you don’t even need to maintain an inventory to sell online. Another example is MailChimp, which is an excellent service for managing your mailing lists. SonicBids, which we’ve previously discussed, will allow you to put together a dynamic press kit to aid in future bookings.

The web is central to so many aspects our lives, scarcely do we go a day without some way interacting with it. Creating your own website will give you a novel representation on the internet: a place that is uniquely yours. If you haven’t yet, considering getting started on your website today. It will be a huge step towards your overall professionalism, and towards getting the gigs you need to thrive.

Stay tuned for the next blog post in the series where we dive in and provide step by step instructions for getting your website off the ground.

May your every performance be spectacular.