Tired of waiting for the next gig to find you? Sometimes you have to go and track it down yourself. That can be challenging, we get it, but here are a few ways to improve your approach in tackling the task of getting your next gig:


Establish an Online Presence

Digital marketing can be a hurdle for independent artists: there’s a popular myth that music and art will magically get discovered. Well, that won’t happen unless you put it out there, and establish your own presence. Creating an online presence is multi-faceted, but can be as simple as putting quality video of your music and performance on youtube, creating a simple website, and networking off that media. Make sure you have all your socials in order, and are presenting consistent quality content to promote your brand, because after all, your music is your most important brand.

Go To Music Events

Between performing at your own events, practicing, and rehearsing, going to see live music might seem like an impossible feat. Nonetheless, it’s important to involve yourself in the local community, and be an active participant. As you attend more events you’ll make more contacts, and those can lead to more gigs.

Talk to Musicians

Talking with other musicians can open the door to future performances. Networking can be tricky, in that you don’t want to appear to eager or forthcoming, but you don’t want to be too timid either. Appeal to what genuinely interests you, and let the conversations happen naturally from there. As you establish more common ground you’ll develop more avenues for future opportunities.

Send Emails to Venues and Organizers

Perhaps you’ve inquired about gigs in the past, and to no avail. Don’t be discouraged, sometimes a follow up email, or some new leads altogether may be needed. Using the online presence and media resources you’ve already established, reach out to venues with gig propositions and inquiries. It may be slow going at first, but in time these types of communications are sure to pay off.

When sending emails, it’s useful to have an easily digestible bundle of promotional musical, resources known as a presskit. If you don’t have one, SonicBids offers a great resource on creating one, and down the line you can look forward to our very own internal press kit service!

For cover musicians in the wedding industry and other performance realms, there are some additional possibilities and essentials. Establishing relationships with vendors (florists, caterers, etc.) and wedding planners is a huge step towards getting the gigs you need. Trying to get onto their preferred vendor list can be greatly helpful as well, as that means you’ll be at the top of their roster of bands to call for many paid gig opportunities.

Moreover, you’ll want to try listing your group on WeddingWire, GigSalad, GigMasters, and any other comparable platforms, because these resources are commonly used by wedding vendors and industry professionals to book entertainment.

Whatever your goals may be, we hope these steps will help you on your way to securing more and better gigs. When those gigs inevitably do come your way thanks to your hard work and professionalism, be sure to use BookLive to keep your gigs organized in one place.