In our first blog post about booking more shows, we mentioned a number of methods to aid in your approach to playing out more. Here, we’ll break down the items from that post, and expand on why they’re important, and how to best go about them.


Go to Shows

Going to shows is important for many reasons. Not only will you gain perspective on what is out there, find new influence and inspiration, but you’ll also make contacts at each event you attend.

Networking not your thing? We get that. Perhaps it will be of some help to view networking as a natural extension of what you’re already doing, and not a forced interaction. Don’t get me wrong, you will have to do a bit of the storied ‘faking it until you make it,’ but we’re here to help you go about that in a manner true to you and your brand.

Authenticity means going after what you’re passionate about, and what you believe in. Because you want to further your music career, networking is a domain will have to tackle.

Talk to Musicians

When you go to local performances, try and speak with the musicians after their set. Tell them what you liked about it, ask them questions.

Seem like a daunting task? It doesn’t have to be. Read the situation: it’s quite possible that a performer may not want to talk at a certain time, they might just want to hang out and decompress after killing it on stage. That’s fine. Use your better judgment, and chat people up when it feels appropriate.

By going to the show, being present, and engaging artists that you genuinely enjoy, you’re sure to make new contacts that could be invaluable in the booking process, and that you could perform with in the future.

Go to The Afterparty

If there is a party after the gig, and there’s an open invitation, it’s not a bad idea to make an appearance.

Sure, you may be tired, your bed is calling you, and you’ve only got one episode of that Netflix series left! Those things can wait. Go.

Be present, be social, ask questions, make contacts. Netflix will be there when you have the time for it, which you might not. And that’s okay.

Go to More Shows

You made it out of the house on a Thursday night and attended that gig you’d been meaning to check out, congratulations! Now do it again. Then do it another time.

Build your reputation as someone who cares about and supports music. When you do get those next shows, people will be more likely to come out  and show support for you.

And in order to make those shows run seamlessly, you can use the BookLive Gig Planner to nail down every detail, from rehearsals, to setlists, to payments.

May all your performances be spectacular.