In our first post about booking more shows, we mentioned a number of methods to aid in your approach to playing out more. Here we’ll break down the items from that post, and expand on why they’re important, and how to go about them.

Establish Online Presence


Establishing your online presence has never been more crucial, or more doable. There are now so many resources at an artist or band’s disposal, it can be a little overwhelming. Fear not. The task of establishing a following (however great) is manageable when you approach it one piece at a time.


Instagram can be a great tool for musicians. The image-based platform is ideal for posting about upcoming performances, sharing insight into your process, and providing general updates to your fanbase. Conventional wisdom holds that you make sure to portray your personality as well, so it’s not all business all the time. It’s alright to post about your cat from time to time.


YouTube can be a great resource for musicians; you can share your audio, music videos, live performances, vlogs, and more! Whatever content you’d like to engage your audience, YouTube will host it. Not only will you gain exposure, if you generate enough views YouTube can be monetized.

A tip for YouTube: consider doing an awesome rendition of a cover song, and you’ll get more views. Pick a cover that highlights your strengths, and aligns well with your own original music. That way, the people who like your covers will be more likely to enjoy your originals.


If you haven’t already, create a facebook fan page. Gaining traction on Facebook fan pages can be difficult, as viewership is often limited, and FB wants users to pay for ads. Boosting a post on Facebook once in a while isn’t a bad idea if you want to reach new people, or engage more of your existing fan base. That said, there are other ways to reach new audiences besides Facebook, including some I’ve already mentioned.

Distribution Platforms

When you’re ready to release singles or albums, there are a number of platforms that allow you to distribute widely across multiple sales and streaming services.

CD Baby has a greater initial investment, but lower recurring costs than some of its competitors. They keep a small percentage of profits, but only charge a one time fee for distribution. This model makes it ideal for most independent musicians not wishing to get hit with annual fees.

Tunecore has annually recurring costs, but does not take a percentage of your revenue. Tunecore may be a better option if you’re earning significantly more.

Distrokid employs a model similar to Tunecore, charging an annual fee, but allowing you to keep 100% of profits.

Press Kits

Once you’ve gone through the above channels, a press kit is a great way to consolidate your various media. Think of it as a portfolio for your music that can be easily accessed by booking agents and bands that you’d like to split a bill with. You can use BookLive’s very own press kit builder to make the perfect collection of your media.

The internet is vast. With so much content out there, it can be disheartening to feel like you’re a but drop in the ocean. It’s easy to overcome those feelings when you work at little by little. Utilizing these platforms will give you a great start, and will give you awesome media to help you book your next gig.

When you do book that gig, use BookLive’s comprehensive platform to handle all the logistics of the show, from rehearsals, to setlists, to payment.

May all your performances be spectacular.