New Musician App Landing Page

We launched an updated Musician App Landing Page which conveys how we help bandleaders and bandmates through the power of automation and organization. Check it out here.

Updated Performances Table

Updated Performances Table

We had gotten feedback from several of our bandleaders that the Group Dashboard was hard to understand. This was primarily due to the fact that on the Performances Table, there was too much information. There were indicators for contract signature status, payment status, timeline status, setlist status, and band member scheduling status.

We simplified this into a Planning Status indicator and kept the band member scheduling status.

Added Ability to Reply to Inquiries on Client Activity Stream


When an inquiry comes into your BookLive account either from the BookLive Inquiry Form embedded on your website, or from a Quote Request on the BookLive Marketplace, bandleaders are now able to click a Reply button directly on the client’s Activity Stream instead of navigating to the Emails tab and clicking Create Email.

Added Song Play Count to Group Profiles

When either the bandleader or the client adds a song to a setlist, the App now runs analytics the day after the performance. It generates a report of how many times each song has been performed by each group. This helps groups understand the popularity of certain songs, and also helps clients (or prospective clients) make setlist decisions.

Check out Dream City Music’s Play Count on the Repertoire tab of their BookLive Profile.

Other Updates/Fixes

  • Bandleaders can now unpublish songs from their library. This allows them to prevent clients from choosing these songs in their client portal, while still being able to add them to setlists themselves.
  • UI fixes to Performance Dashboard

Want to see other features or bug fixes? Email – we’re all ears!

May all your performances be spectacular!