Milwaukee, WI is a medium-sized city with a big jazz presence. Home to so many fantastic talents, Milwaukee can definitely hold its own with many larger cities in terms of sheer talent and ability.

If you’re looking to book some serious jazz savvy, consider the following acts as surefire options to set a classy tone, and a sultry mood.


Milwaukee Hot Club

Milwaukee Hot Club plays “gypsy jazz”, the music of the late great Django Reinhardt and his modern descendants. Their music is a high energy mix of swing, bossa, and gypsy samba rhythms. Although considered primarily as an instrumental style, they also sing: depending on the gig, vocal tunes may comprise up to half of the set. Although the core of the band is two gypsy guitars and upright bass, they often play with their sax man and sometimes even augment the band with other horns, percussion, or female vocals. Performing both acoustically and with amplification designed to preserve the acoustic qualities of our instruments, Milwaukee Hot Club is a blistering addition to any event.

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Anthony Deutsch

Available as a Solo, Duo, Trio or Combo — Instrumentalist, Vocalist, Stylist and more, Milwaukee-based artist Anthony Deutsch has been studying music since 2000 and cultivating a professional career since 2010. Deutsch has played in a multitude of settings, both musically and geographically, working with artists including: Devin Drobka (Hanging Hearts, Jerry Bergonzi, Lesser Lakes Trio, Sweet Talk), John Christensen(Allison Magaret, Lesser Lakes Trio, Johannes Wallmann), Russ Johnson(Joe Lovano, Bill Frisell, Aretha Franklin, Lee Konitz), and more. 

With a keen sense of improvisation, and a solid repertoire of contemporary and classic tunes, you’ll be quite plussed in having hired Anthony for your next jazz event.

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Don Lewis

One part jazz, one part blues and a sprinkle of swing, Don Lewis and his group create one unique experience after another. Lewis, “Messenger Of Jazz”, brings his sensitive musical virtues, and energy home to any audience, creating a notable contribution as part of his quartet, and delivering a brilliant performance as a soloist. 

This smooth operator’s integrated style is sparked by New York sophistication, a rush of New Orleans jazz and the familiar rhythm of the Blues.

Whether you like your jazz smooth, straight-up, or on the rocks, Don Lewis is certain to satisfy your thirst at your next event.

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The Eddie Butts Band

The Eddie Butts Band delights audiences at festivals, concerts, night clubs, weddings, and many other corporate and private entertainment events throughout the Midwest, delivering an exciting blend of R&B, jazz, and more.  Eddie is well known as a premier vocalist, and when you combine his smoky baritone with the highly-praised musicianship and vocal talents of this polished and professional band, it is easy to see why the Eddie Butts Band is considered a must-see — and must-have — favorite.

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Mark Davis

Mark Davis is an accomplished jazz pianist who resides in Milwaukee, WI. Over the past twenty-five years, he has performed with countless luminaries of the jazz scene. Mark is available to perform in concert halls, at clubs, festivals, schools, corporate functions, private parties, and for events of all kinds. Bringing his unique blend of highly refined styles to all he does, he performs both solo and as the leader of various groups. 

A highly sought-after player, Mark’s resume speaks volumes. His work doing transcriptions, recordings, and method books are simply the icing on the cake of a truly outstanding career. 

You’ll be happy to have hired someone so unequivocally worldclass.

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Great Jazz from The Good Land 

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, flamboyant festival, or some other happening, these five acts are sure to add a bold dash of swing, and a splash of cool to your function. 

With major talent like this, it’s no wonder Milwaukee is a musical gem quickly earning a more prominent place on the map. 

No matter which artist you choose for your musical needs, you’re sure to be thrilled with the musical excitement they bring.