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New Musician App Landing Page We launched an updated Musician App Landing Page which conveys how we help bandleaders and bandmates through the power of automation and organization. Check it out here. Updated Performances Table We had gotten feedback from several of our bandleaders that the Group Dashboard was hard
Sound Engineer
As the bandleader, it’s your job to help define the vision and guidelines for the group and lead the band in fulfilling that vision. How you do this is done through a wide variety of ways, and each band has its own style. But it all starts with people. I’m
Bride Playing Ukelele
As musicians, deciding to play weddings is one of the best ways to guarantee a steady income stream. It’s also an incredible way to help amazing couples start their marriage off on the right foot with your beautiful music. The beautiful thing about weddings is that each couple is unique
Violin and Cello String Duo at a Wedding
As musicians, one of the hardest things we have to do is put a price tag on our art. Our creativity and love of music for the sake of music makes it really difficult to boil all of our passion down to a number. That being said, if we don’t
Keep It Fresh The wedding reception, corporate event, or private party is a space typically dominated by the gig or cover band. It’s a logical choice — this type of band is a good fit for private events for many reasons: They play songs that you already know and love.